Relax & Heal

SomaSatSomaSati Body Work is the massage therapy practice of Angelina Gentile, LMT, eRYT, WCP located in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore. SomaSati BodyWork therapeutic massage appointments, integrate mindfully skilled massage therapy with a tranquil spa experience. i Body Work is the locally owned and operated massage therapy and wellness practice of Angelina Gentile, LMT, eRYT, WCP located at Ojas Wellness in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Baltimore.


SomaSati BodyWork Massage Therapy Appointments, integrate mindfully skilled massage therapy and a tranquil spa experience.



We use an integrated massage flow including advanced techniques such as deep tissue massage, swedish massage, myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, hot stones, naturally derived essential oil aromatherapy and cupping to heal back and neck pain.


Drawing from natural evidence based wellness practices, Holistic Coaching Appointments create awareness to support clients in eliminating stress; the root of dis-ease. Allow the body, mind & spirit intertwine to rest.



“Angelina is a responsive professional who is committed to the healing art of massage for each client. I would describe her as incredibly knowledgeable and equally talented. Her commitment to overall wellness informs her practice beautifully. My sessions at SomaSati greatly contribute to my overall health and well-being.” ~HRK


“I heard great feedback on you this week. You did a fantastic job and they were very, very pleased. Thank you for representing us so well and giving our customer the extraordinary experience we promise them. It means so much to us to have professionals like you as a partner. .” ~Corporate Wellness Partner



So • ma / The body of an individual as contrasted with the mind or psyche Sa • ti /the word ‘Sati’ usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness