How Long Should I Expect to be There for My Appointment?

Allow at least 15 minutes extra to the length of your appointment for intake interview. For example, if you book a 60 minute appointment, expect to be on the table for the full 60 minutes, and allow at least total of 75 minutes of time to be at SomaSati.

What Do I Wear?

Massages are performed modestly draped on a massage table. You will be fully covered by a sheet and a blanket. Only one area will be undraped at a time. For best results, we advise clients to be fully undressed under the drapes. Exceptions can be made for comfort, and a client may choose to leave on certain pieces of clothing. P.S. Don’t worry if you haven’t shaved your legs all winter…neither have I…Lol!


Most clients ask this question! I work on the hips through the sheets and with modest draping. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable….So whatever you decide…I won’t even know 😉

Aromatherapy and Products

All of our aromatherapy is inhaled or mixed with our massage cream. They are naturally derived essential oils from flowers and plants manufactured by reputable companies. Our massage cream is an organic shea butter blend.

Regularly, I partner with the local herbal apothecary and hand-made natural body products lines to create unique seasonal menu offerings such as the “Coconut Lime Summer Ritual”, and the “Mango Butter Mamma-Sage” or the “Ginger Chai Vanilla Soul-Soothing” massage treatments.


Gratuities are always graciously accepted. As a small business, many expenses go into creating the ultimate retreat with all of the extras such as aromatherapy oils, creative music playlists, and laundering linens and towels.

Why doesn’t someone answer the phone?

SomaSati BodyWork is my private practice. As a small business owner and operator, I get to do everything from client service, bookeeping, marketing, creating massage treatments, and actually doing the massages! So the receptionist is me! When I am at my practice, I literally “have my hands full” working with massage clients, and when I am not working I am loving every minute as the mom of a very active one year old little girl!

What is the fastest way to get in touch with SomaSati BodyWork?

Text me at 410-215-4930 or email at AngelinaGentileLMT@gmail.com.
I have an iphone and can get back to you in a few hours. If a phone call is needed, we can use text or email to set up a phone call appointment.