Tension & Trauma Release Training (TRE)

Angie is the Baltimore Coordinator for Tension and Trauma Release Training on Behalf of Maria Alfaro.


NEW Global Certification Training in Baltimore

TRE workshop at the Blue Cliff Monastery in upstate New York – November 2014


Benefits are endless!!
These gentle and profound practices facilitates the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional tension  and stress.
Some of the benefits that you may experience by practicing TRE™ and Neurogenic Yoga™are:
*decrease anxiety
*release of chronic tension
*discharge emotional and physical trauma
*improve sleep and mood
*decrease aches and pains
*improve flexibility
*decrease symptoms of sciatica, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditionsThis is a new global initiative of TRE LLC, launched August 2014. Those certified will be called ” Certified TRE™ Providers” and will have the competency needed to teach both individuals and groups.
The training introduces the anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE and the tremoring process. Participants will learn containment, grounding and energizing strategies as well as how to identify the need for and teach self-regulation. This is an experiential training with a strong focus on the trainee’s personal tremoring experience.



February 24-26 2017 – Module 1
July 21-23  2017 – Module 2

Time: 10:00am – 5:30pm each day


Hill House at Ruscombe Mansion
Community Hall
4803 Yellowwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209



Module 1 – $450 if paid in full by Nov 1, 2016, $500 after that date.
All Registrations must be complete prior to Jan 20, 2017.

(Module 1 is open to the general public and it can be attended for 1, 2 or all 3 days.) Cost for one day is $170


Module 2 – $450 if paid in full by June 21, 2017, $500 after that date.

(Module 2 is not open to the general public, it is only for trainees who are enrolled in the certification program.)


 Click here for Current Global Certification Requirements (updated on this eventpage 1/17/16)


For any questions about this training please email me: maria@TREcalifornia.com

or call me at 831-462 1846


For registration please contact Angie Gentile:angie_gentile@yahoo.com

or call her at 410-215 4930





What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
About the venue:

The Ruscombe mansion is one of the oldest holitstic health center. It is located in the Roland Park Neighborhoof of North Baltimore.  The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center is a multi-purpose neighborhood community center featuring programs in holistic healing, education and inspirational guidance.

Neighborhood of North Baltimore.

The event has free parking and no driveable lunch options. There is a kitchen for storage, cooking, and eating lunch, as well as being a short driving distance from Mom’s Organic Market, Whole Foods Market & other lunch venues.

It is accessable from BWI Airport (20 min cab ride)  as well as Baltimore Penn Station (10 minute cab ride.)

Where to Stay:
Mount Washington Conference Center
Proximal to the lovely Mount Washington Village

Raddison at Cross Keys
Located in the  the lovely Cross Keys Center

Collonade Baltimore
Around the corner from a vegeterian restaurant One World Cafe (has a college vibe)

Harbor East (Baltimore’s Hip Neighborhood on the Water)

Hampden – Air BnB 21211


What can/can’t I bring to the event?

What to Bring:
Please bring water, comfortable clothes with layers (think relaxed yoga attire)  a yoga mat, and possibly a meditation cushion for seated times (our room is equipt with yoga props for those travelling, we will have chairs as well) and a NoteBook and pen.
Lunch refrigeration will  be available.